Royal United Mortgage LLC Team Participates In The Indy 500 Mini-Marathon & 5K

May 16, 2016 by Royal United

About 20 Royal United Mortgage LLC employees participated in the Royal United Mortgage LLC RunnersIndianapolis Mini-Marathon and/or 5K (#INDYMINI) on May 6th. This was the 40th running for one of the premier half-marathons in the country and it is a local tradition.

Packets were picked up on the Friday before downtown at the convention center where participants could write on a wall “Why I run.”

Check out the statements below from a few colleagues on our team who participated in the event.

“I participated in the 5K sponsored by Royal United Mortgage LLC because I used to be a very active runner, and I wanted to get back into shape like the old days. Royal United Mortgage LLC sponsoring this event gave me no excuse to not do it, and I was even provided a training guide to help me build up to the race. The biggest takeaway is I’m not in my early 20’s anymore, and I need to take better care of myself; the company continuing to sponsor events like this will help a lot with that. My goal was to break 30 minutes for the 5K, and while I got really close, I missed the mark by a few seconds. I’m confident I will be able to get there by the next event!”

Robert Chastain,  Loan Advisor

“I participated in this event because my best friend, Hailey Cook, signed me up, so of course, I had to participate – But I am SO glad I did! It was a great experience, and I cannot wait until next year- Maybe I will even give 13.1 miles a chance! I learned that one who hadn’t worked out in over a month, but then decided to “run” 3.1 miles, will literally be sore for days, haha! I felt like a grandma. But it did help me realize how much I still love running and can’t wait for the 317 Run!  I am so happy that Hailey took it upon herself to sign me up – It was an awesome, memorable experience, and I enjoyed seeing/hanging out with all my co-workers! “

–Candice Pelley, Loan Processor

“I won’t share my time, because frankly I’m embarrassingly slow. In fact, my time this year was 35 minutes slower than my 2014 mini marathon time.  I don’t run to be fast.  I run because I want to be strong enough to do anything. If I get a once in a lifetime opportunity, I always want to be able to say yes. Besides, you’re always faster than someone on the couch. “

Julia Saffran, Senior Loan Advisor & Team Lead

“I participated in this event to challenge myself and identify an achievable goal. I learned that I am capable of more than I believed! I beat my time goal by a large margin and ran the entire race with NO stopping or walking! My goal was 45 minutes and not to die. I completed the race in 37.01 and definitely did not die.”

–Tiffany Shull, Loan Processor & Team Lead

“I participated in the 5K to support my co-workers, document our participation at the event, and increase my physical activity. I’ve never considered myself to be athletic but am realizing how much more active I really am than I thought. I signed up for the 5K and thoroughly enjoyed participating at this really cool event and seeing everyone congregate downtown to achieve a common goal. It is refreshing to see the teamwork and I can’t wait to participate in the next one!”

–Kati Taylor, Director of Marketing & Communications

Written By:  The Royal United Mortgage LLC Blog Team
Published: 05/16/2016

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