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June 16, 2017 by Steve Davis NMLS# 1233282

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The moment you get on the phone with someone at Royal United Mortgage LLC, you will have a different experience than what you deal with at a bank or another mortgage company. From the beginning, you are paired up with a Loan Advisor, not a Loan Officer.

When dealing with a Loan Advisor you will talk intimately about your current financial situation and what you want your loan to accomplish in the short and long term. They will also be your main point of contact through the refinance process. You will not be transferred from person to person and will have only one voice to answer your questions!

Your Loan Advisor has been trained to take your financial plans and structure a loan for you that will not only accomplish your goals on a monthly basis but also analyze mortgage products that will maximize the efficiency of your mortgage. This way you can have a better quality of life financially well after the mortgage has been paid off. Right off the bat, the two factors all Loan Advisors take into consideration are credit and income. This way, they’ll know that the Custom Loan Options they put in front of you, are ones that you qualify for.

When you talk to a Loan Officer, you get a different experience. You will talk to someone that will ask you what you want, but not get a deeper understanding of what will help you out financially. They also do nothing to guide you towards putting yourself into a better financial situation. This is due mostly to poor training. Loan Officers often are taught just enough to fill out the necessary loan paperwork that will get your loan underwritten.Home Debt Consolidation Loan Indianapolis

In many banks, Processors and Underwriters work in a third party company outside of the building. This can slow down the loan process, and make answering any questions you have impossible. However, at Royal United Mortgage LLC this isn’t the case. From the moment you submit your loan through your Loan Advisor, you’ll have a dedicated Processor and Underwriter on your file. These are members of our core staff and are in-house. Thus, any questions you have can be addressed immediately. This allows your Loan Advisor to mainstream the refinance process to be not only quick but also convenient for you.

This process also helps your Loan Advisor with pre-qalifying you with your loan. When the Loan Advisor is ready to show you Custom Loan Options, rest assured that they are ones you qualify for. This takes the guesswork away from you, and you’ll never have to wonder if you qualify for anything you’re shown.

Your Processor also plays an important part of your refinance. While you’ll always hear from your Loan Advisor (typically a few times per week.) Your processor’s job is to ensure your file is perfect before it’s moved to underwriting. As such, you’ll hear from them within a few days of your loan is submitted. They’ll introduce themselves to you, and you’ll have a dedicated processor from the start to close of your time with us. Their job is to gather documentation and to help answer any questions you’ve got pertaining to the status of your file.

When you work with Royal United Mortgage LLC, it’s our goal to ensure that you have a better tomorrow than you do today. All of our staff are dedicated to ensuring the smoothest refinance, or purchase, that you’ll ever do. We take pride in our training and are dedicated to you every step of the way.


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