7 Ways to Celebrate Halloween on a Budget

October 07, 2019 by Royal United


What is spookier than creepy costumes, haunted houses and talking skeletons on Halloween? The expenses incurred to pull it all together! However, you can avoid frightening your bank account by using the following seven tips to save on costs without missing the fun.

  • Create a DIY Costume

Pinterest is always available and full of budget-friendly ideas. If you are creatively challenged, BuzzFeed offers a comprehensive list of ideas you can pull off without exerting much effort, time or money. Remember to keep it cheap. Instead of spending top dollar to add the final additions to your costume, combine a few household items to achieve your desired look.

  • Buy a Used Costume

Prefer a costume that is completely made? Try eBay, Craigslist, or your local thrift store for low-cost or free options. I have done this in the past and saved much more than half of what I would have paid for a new costume.

  • Buy Candy in Bulk

Buying big bags at warehouse stores like Costco and Sam’s Club can be your best deal. Nevertheless, always compare the per-ounce price before you buy. The smaller bag may be a better deal. You will not know until you check.

  • Avoid Buying Chocolate

Chocolate is more expensive than sugar-based candy. Another option: Buy a limited amount of the good stuff and save it for those special kids, such as your neighbors or those with the best costumes.

  • Use Your Imagination and Not Your Wallet When Decorating

Do you already have art supplies lying around the house? Put them to good use. Cardboard boxes spray-painted gray or black make great gravestone markers. In addition, hollowed-out pumpkins are the perfect votive candleholders.

  • Cut Costs on Store Decorations and Supplies

If you decide to purchase your decorations or other Halloween supplies, look for ways to cut the cost. Start by asking around. The neighbors may be willing to lend you a few decorations they do not plan to use this coming Halloween. Also, try the local dollar store. You might be surprised at the bargains offered on Halloween decor. In addition, look for coupons for local craft stores.

  • Start Planning for Next Year

Once the big day has passed, start preparing for next year by stocking up on any excess inventory left at stores. The initial sales start at 50 percent off, and the discounts get steeper over time as retailers become desperate to get rid of any remaining ghosts of Halloween inventory.

If you are willing to get creative, your Halloween budget can stretch in impressive ways. Dollar stores, online yard sales, and thrift shops may have just what you are looking for on the cheap. Happy Halloween!

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