Another New Record at Gleaners

November 20, 2015 by Royal United

If you’ve volunteered before you understand the importance and gratification of coming together with others to help others. Those who struggle to provide meals for themselves and their families face the very real barriers that hunger inflicts making it harder to accomplish daily tasks, progress, or enjoy life. Sadly, many are affected and may be on the edge of having to make a choice between nutrition and other necessary bills. This is why it’s so great to live in a community where the Gleaners food bank can provide meals to individuals and families in times of need.

Last year Royal United Mortgage LLC volunteers set a record with the canned project… and we still hold that record!

This year 100 Royal United Mortgage LLC employees volunteered at Gleaners in November. The team sorted canned and packaged donations, organized food and dry products, packed Backsacks, helped in the coolers, broke down and loaded boxes into the baler, and jumped in to help in various other ways.

This year, Royal United Mortgage LLC volunteers broke a new record by sorting 27,597 pounds of donated food items!

The team learned that the average person consumes 1.5lbs per meal. Therefore as a team we were able to provide one meal for 18,398 people! Check out our summary video…

Thank you to Gleaners for giving Royal United Mortgage LLC employees the opportunity to donate service time and contribute to the wellbeing of our community. Volunteering to alleviate hunger as a team is one of the great ways Royal United Mortgage LLC employees are able to give back. Thank you, also, to everyone who participated and helped break a new record!

Help fight hunger.

Written by: Royal United Mortgage LLC Blog Team
Published:  11/20/2015

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