Why Are You Asking So Many Questions?

September 05, 2017 by Shawn King NMLS# 1536213

A lot of my clients have asked me why we ask so many questions when we first talk to them? I respond by telling them that asking a lot of questions is the exact reason why we have a 95% customer satisfaction rating on LendingTree. It’s simple really, these questions help me make sure that this loanRefinance is tailored to exactly what your needs are. Each person I have the opportunity to work with is unique, and so is their loan. Without asking questions I can’t get to the root of what you want to accomplish, and I don’t want to put you in the same loan as everyone else. So, the only way for me to make sure that this is your loan, is to make sure that I find out what your goals are, and why they are so important to you.

Whereas other lenders may come in and try to sell you on what they think is best, at Royal United Mortgage LLC our process allows me to make sure that I am keeping everything you want in mind and helps me to put together three custom loan programs for you. Then, you and I decide, together, what will be the best way for you to achieve a better financial future. From there, I start driving all of the necessary parties toward making your goals a reality, all within our two to three week loan process.

So why all the questions? It’s to make sure we’ve got it right, Because in the end, I want your goals to be my goals.



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