Austin Office Volunteers at Mobile Loaves & Fishes

May 06, 2016 by Royal United

Mobile Loaves and Fishes
As the Texas heat ramps up and the summer approaches, the Royal United Mortgage LLC Austin branch has been right on its heals, quickly growing and gaining momentum. With every advisor and prop, every client serviced, we are building momentum to be the next team to reckon with and the next big thing for Royal United’s reach. But with growth and gains comes the responsibility and need to be not only a leader in the office but also here in the new community we are now apart of.

On April 27th we as the Austin branch had the first opportunity to give back, partnering with the Mobile Loaves and Fishes outreach. They are a local organization that goes into the city to give food and aid to the homeless. This outreach goes above and beyond, not only giving the homeless food to feed them for a day, but also providing them the tools to get back on their feet.

They provide them these tools through their Community First! Village. It is a 27 archer commune where all it takes to live there is the willingness to give back to the community and putting others before yourself. It’s a community with many gardens featuring fruit- and nut-bearing trees and vegetables, a chicken operation, bee hives producing fresh honey, and aquaponics. They have a medical facility for physical and mental health screenings and support services including hospice and respite care. They even have an outdoor theater and bed & breakfast for mission visits.

The ultimate goal is for the village to be 100% self sustaining and this is accomplished by everyone living there focusing on putting the needs of the community above their own. It gives the homeless not only a opportunity to have a room to call their own but a sense of responsibility and long term belonging.

Our Royal United Mortgage LLC Austin team was able to go and spend a morning giving back to the community by helping with a resident’s yard project. We worked along side the residents in the community to pull up the berm grass and removal of all the rocks from the area so that the yard could be re-landscaped. It was a fairly large area and took 10 people working in the hot sun, a day after a huge storm (you can imagine the mud and humidity!) working for 3 hours to complete the project. Had just the owners of that property attempted this project it would have taken them the whole weekend if not more.

Giving our time and efforts reminded me of all that is possible when we place others before ourselves. It was great reminder of the huge importance of working together to meet a goal and the success that can only be achieved by teamwork. It is a great lesson for us to take back to the office as we grow a new team, a new office, and new Loan Advisors. To make life great, it takes everyone’s dedication to the community and to the team. Expedite the success of yourself and everyone around you.

Our team is grateful for the opportunity to give back to the community, but I left feeling more grateful of the reminders and lessons the community gave back to me.

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Written by: Jaclyn Thompson, Loan Advisor at Royal United Mortgage LLC
Published: 05/02/2016

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