Autism Speaks- Photo Event

April 19, 2017 by Royal United

On Monday April 3rd, nearly 70 members of the Indianapolis team of Royal United Mortgage LLC gathered out front to participate in a group photo. Indianapolis MortgageThe cause is very near to our hearts; Autism awareness. Colby Hurford, Director of the Loan Advisor Development unit, sent out an email to the staff and thoughtfully put out his reasoning’s for participating.

My mother has educated children with autism for over 40 years and my wife has worked with them for the last 10. I’ve been on Autism walks, been to seminars, and spent many hours in classrooms interacting with these great, gifted children. Autism comes in many forms not all are known to the general public…”

He continues on to say that he is overjoyed to see that, as a company, we work-united, to bring awareness to those who live with Autism and to bring funding to schools to help support Autistic Individuals.

Royal United Mortgage supported this cause through t-shirt purchases. With a simple purchase, we could help not only “Autism Speaks”, the largest Autism research organization in the world, but also our local community as well. A portion of all of the purchased shirts will go to South Grove Intermediate School.Schaumburg Mortgage

The money raised for the Beech Grove Schools, will go towards helping them keep a behavior specialist on staff to assist children with Autism, allowing for programs that help support children living with Autism.

Thanks to the generous spirit of the staff, the Beech Grove School system will be getting the donation before the end of the month. April is Autism awareness month, and this donation will a great way to cap off the month for both “Autism Speaks” and the Beech Grove Schools.


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