Boys & Girls Club Easter Egg Hunt: Royal United Mortgage LLC’s Outreach & Donation

March 29, 2016 by Marcus Gates NMLS# 1191961

Boys and Girls Club

“Promoting physical activity, laughter, and bright smiles is what motivated us to do it!”

This calendar year the Royal United Community Outreach Team has made it a priority to focus on Youth Engagement and Development. For one of our first events, what could have been a better way to kick off our efforts this spring than giving kids candy?!

We are accomplishing big things by being a partner with the Boys and Girls Club of Indianapolis. There are great takeaways from the event this past Friday March 25, 2016 at the Lilly Boys and Girls Club Location.

To begin with, all that our partner does with their concentrated programing is only possible with the support of the community it aims to help and volunteers that give. I begin by shedding light on that very true statement. As a result this organization is constantly pressed with staying relevant and fresh in its approach! Just as we are constantly changing the landscape of what it takes to fund a loan in a world of TRID and emerging technologies, the Boys and Girls Club is doing the same in its methods of going about engaging community.

So just a couple weeks ago, we were approached with the idea of putting on an egg hunt at the club. The idea or mission with all of the organization’s programming is to enable young people, especially those who need us most, to reach their full potential as productive, caring, responsible citizens. By giving our time and efforts this spring working with our partners at the Lilly Boys and Girls Club, we are truly accomplishing that and much more.

I ask you to consider their Core Belief: Boys and Girls Club exist to provide a place to learn and grow… foster ongoing relationships with caring, adult professionals… deliver life-enhancing programs and character development experiences…by reinforcing Hope and opportunity in our youth.

That is what we are now a part of. We have a shared mission that has just begun. Our team brought 10 to 15 professional adults to serve as role models of how it looks to be a responsible citizen. Yes, on the surface it appears that we were giving the members of the Lily Boys and Girls Club a bag of candy. Truth is, we are giving the community a breath of fresh air. As spring arrives, we offered this community who often becomes so consumed with stress and struggles of the day to day a moment to stop and laugh, smile, and run around just having fun. This fun did not cost their families one penny! This fun is ‘the good fun’ and influences that we want to spread throughout our community. Seeing kids getting off the bus wanting to come and participate was one of the best feelings I left the club with on Friday.

In the week after, we could boast about the nearly 2500 pieces of candy that our company so graciously donated, prepped, and passed out. In fact we could boast about the great pictures and name recognition received from simply being out in the community in our nice volunteer shirts! However, we chose to put the spotlight on the true accomplishments. 5 new member applications were completed during the egg hunt! 10 + Staff were exposed to Boys and Girls Club for the first time!! This all comes as a result of the birth of a wonderful partnership between two dedicated organizations that value a fresh approach!

Stay tuned for what is next to come . . .

Written by: Marcus Gates, Senior Loan Advisor at Royal United Mortgage LLC
Published: 03/29/2016

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