Choosing Confidence

September 05, 2015 by Colby Hurford



On Wednesday, August 19th, twenty individuals made the choice to join me on the fifth floor to learn a little about “Choosing Confidence.”

The session’s underlying theme was that confidence simply is a result of success that happens due to making the right choices. All of us thought back to when we were the best at something and recalled how that was so. It was pretty unanimous. We made the right choices that allowed us the opportunity to succeed time and time again. So why can’t we become the best here as well if we’ve already done it in the past?

A lot of what we have been great at in the past can easily translate to what each of us does here at Royal United Mortgage LLC. There are choices that we need to make every day to open that door of success for us to run through. We just have to make the right ones.

When results from choices that we make are not what we were hoping for, we have another choice to make. Do we keep doing the same thing hoping for a different result or do we adapt and change to get the result we desire?

No matter how a person can try to rationalize success, or lack of success, it all comes from the choices every single day that we make or don’t make. For us to be honest in that process, we have to ask ourselves some tough questions:

What am I doing that is/isn’t working?

What could I do more/less of to help me attain my goal?

If everyone is honest with themselves, then it becomes a lot easier to choose success and therefore, choose confidence. It’s critical to remember; only YOU have the power to do what is necessary; only YOU have the power to choose confidence.

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