Real Client Success Story: Ann’s Second Home in Belize

August 18, 2016 by Lauren Ryan NMLS# 1342227

Every now aindianapolis_mortgagend then, we meet people with financial goals that seem to be way outside of the box. One of my clients, Ann (Queen Ann as I referred to her), had a big personality and big dreams. Her enthusiasm for life made her both memorable and an absolute dream to work with.

Ann came to me with plenty of knowledge of both the real estate and mortgage world. She knew what she had, and she knew what she wanted.  She had spent her life doing what she was supposed to do.  She had set herself up financially to be debt free by her original goals, but her goals had shifted.  She now shared her home with her adorable cat, Audrey Hepburn, and the two of them had come to a decision. They wanted a second home in Belize!

Upon the first two minutes of the conversation, I knew that Queen Ann might be on the paperwork, but Audrey had a say as well.  They were committed to a change of scenery and I’d climb mountains to make it happen. There were very lengthy conversations, but I didn’t mind one bit.  I could have talked to her all day. Once I was able to discover the true goals of this loan, the details and the process were just a byproduct. The icing on the cake was telling her that her dreams were about to become a reality.

I sincerely enjoyed getting to build such a great relationship with both Queen Ann and Audrey. Their loan process may be over, but they will be friends that I will hold dear for life. She may think that I changed her life and helped her realize her goals with this loan, but she equally impacted mine. I will never forget Queen Ann and Audrey.

Written by:  Lauren Ryan, Loan Advisor at Royal United Mortgage LLC
Published:  08/18/2016

Thanks to Lauren Ryan for obtaining the fastest loan in the East! It took her a little over three weeks from start to closing of my loan! I was a new homes real estate manager for a number of years and dealt with many loan officers but not one as efficient as Lauren. When she said she was going to get something done right away, it got done right away. I would trust Lauren to take care of any my settlements in my future. I not only have a loan officer, I have a friend. One that I value more than friends I’ve had for years.
Love you Lauren, keep in touch my dear friend.

–M. Ann H.

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