Concepts for a Quick Refinance

February 24, 2016 by Julia Davenport-Drake NMLS# 1251881

Home Refinance IndianapolisEvery day I speak with dozens of homeowners looking to refinance their property.  If you’re reading this article, I imagine you’re in a similar position!  I work with all sorts of clients, all over the nation.  Some people are looking to make improvements around the home, and some are looking to shorten their term.  Some people need an FHA loan completed, and some are veterans taking advantage of their benefits.  Some people are just getting on the real estate ladder, and some are planning for retirement.

In this job I see it all, and the one thing all of these clients have in common, the one constant in this business, is that everyone wants their loan done immediately!  When you need money for a big home improvement, who wants to wait?  When you need to save money monthly on your mortgage payment, who wants to put it off until the summer?  When you have debts that desperately need consolidating, who wants to put that on hold?

Because of this, I often get asked by my clients what a homeowner can do to make sure their refinance gets completed as quickly as possible, and I’d like to share this information with you, as well.  If you follow the concepts I’ve outlined below, you’ll find the refinancing process to be quick, engaging, and easy. Click each step to get further details.

Just to recap, as long as you follow these three rules-of-thumb, you’ll be in a great position to have your loan closed within weeks instead of months, and you’ll be far more secure and prepared when going into the process.


Written by:  Julia Davenport-Drake, Loan Advisor at Royal United Mortgage LLC

Published: 2/24/2016

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