Creating Your Own Patio Paradise

April 25, 2019 by Royal United
Patio Paradise

When the flowers start to bloom, it is a sure sign that it’s time to start focusing on beautifying your landscaping for another season of outdoor fun. Your patio is a great place to rest, relax and enjoy the serenity of your yard. However, a patio that is decorated poorly and not properly cared for will make you want to stay away from all your backyard has to offer.

Homeowners know that caring for your outdoor space can be expensive. However, with a few DIY ideas, you can create the patio you have always dreamed of without spending a fortune.

  • Clean Your Patio

Before you begin thinking about what DIY patio décor you want, it is a good idea to give your patio a proper cleaning. Brick and concrete patios can become worn, mossy and dirty over time. Clean your patio once a year to keep it looking great and a comfortable place to spend your time outside. In some cases, with regular upkeep, a simple sweep and then spray down with a hose might do the trick. However, in cases with set in staining and heavy moss, it is a good idea to pressure wash it to make the concrete or brick look good as new again!

  • DIY Patio Wall Décor

If your patio is close to the wall of a house, garage, fence or trellis, you are in luck! These spaces make it easy to add a personal touch to your outdoor décor. The key to find the perfect DIY patio wall décor is making sure it is outdoor-friendly. Cloth, metal and frequently used DIY materials will not do well here. A great way to not only spice up your patio but also keep it functional is with a hanging herb garden. These are easy to construct and great if you have a small backyard.

  • Repurposed Patio Furniture

A large part of a patio you can feel comfortable on starts with furniture. In an effort to go green and save money, many are repurposing old furniture for outdoor use. Of course, a couch might not be the best choice here, but an old wooden bench, chair or table can be transformed into patio furniture. You will need to treat the wood first with a waterproof sealant as well as choosing a weatherproof paint.

  • Decorative Patio Lights

A little bit of light goes a long way with patio décor. String lights are the perfect accent to your patio, and will help you enjoy it late into the evening. String between awnings, trees or install posts if needed. You will be happy to have these once the sun goes down!

  • Decorating a Patio with Potted Plants

Potted plants are an excellent way to decorate your patio on a budget and enjoy all the benefits of the outdoors. Consider creating a container garden on your patio to enjoy your favorite flowers. Place a few potted plants on tables in interested containers such as mason jars, decorative bowls or even an old watering can. The options are endless!

Your patio is a place for you and your family to enjoy, but without proper care and decoration, you may not see it that way. Take some time creating your patio and watch your backyard transform into a place you love.

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