Elf on the Shelf Cheat Sheet

December 16, 2019 by Royal United

Let’s be honest; some days we lack creativity, especially when we’re under pressure. If you have a kid in your house, we’re guessing that in addition to wrapping gifts and baking cookies, you’re also busy finding interesting, and Instagram-worthy, ways to display your kid’s festive friend, Elf on the Shelf.

This phenomenon has taken over social media and many parents’ lives. That is why we have created this cheat sheet, for the final 10 days before Christmas, to help busy and overwhelmed parents create a magical elf fantasy for their kiddos.

And no, this isn’t considered cheating because there are no rules in this holiday tradition. Elf on the Shelf isn’t a competition after all. This cheat sheet simply a way for parents to avoid getting swept up in the crazy competitive nature of this festive fun and focus on what’s really important during the holiday season: their loved ones.

Print out this cheat sheet, but remember to hide it from the little ones! You can use this as your day-to-day guide or as a last-minute resource. There’s also an official The Elf on the Shelf app that is full of ideas.

12/15 Elf unravels the toilet paper in the bathroom.

12/16 Elf watches ‘Elf’ on TV.

12/17 Elf has gotten into a cereal box in the pantry.

12/18 Elf is riding in a toy car.

12/19 Elf decorates a mini Christmas tree.

12/20 Elf is on the couch with a “5 Days Until Christmas” note.

12/21 Elf takes a spin on the ceiling fan.

12/22 Elf writes a message on the bathroom mirror in lipstick.

12/23 Elf wraps presents.

12/24 Elf reads The Night Before Christmas.



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