Home Buying Advice: Seal the Deal

July 28, 2016 by Ben Carroll

Indianapolis_MortgageAll of your hard work has paid off – you found the perfect house! You’re almost home! It’s been a long road. Starting with gathering all the initial information (Home Buying Advice: Do Your Homework ), to finding the right house, (Home Buying Advice: Happy House Hunting) and finally taking the last few steps in home buying.

Ante Up:

You’re ready to make an offer. If you’ve done your research, you know what other houses have sold for in the area, what you’d like included in the house (such as appliances and furniture) and how much you’re willing to pay.


Look Under the Hood:
Have an inspection done. Inspections are designed to identify defects in the property that could affect its safety, livability or resale value. Things such as the foundation, plumbing, construction, and electrical systems will be evaluated to determine if they’re working properly, or are within operable standards.

Getting the Keys to the Kingdom:

Otherwise known as “closing”…This is where you officially become the owner of your new home. Money is exchanged, homeowner’s insurances are verified and the agreements are signed. Most of the time a purchase agreement will indicate that you will take position at closing, but you can also negotiate this date, such as taking position seven days after closing if the sellers need time to move out, for example. It’s all determined by your purchase agreement.


These last few steps are pivotal in home buying. After all the effort that was put into getting to this point, it would be a major let down to have the process fall apart.


Written by: Ben Carroll, MBA,  IT Administrator at Royal United Mortgage LLC
Published: 07/28/2016

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