Indianapolis Indiana Experiencing Orientation:

July 11, 2017 by Dariah Rice

I was able to observe a New Hire Orientation for the second time as an HR intern this summer. This experience is unlike any other I have been a part of before.

The first portion of a New Hire Orientation day is put on by HR. Julie Wright, Marcy Grinslade, and Cindy Ruby typically start out the morning with a friendly welcome with group introductions to follow. Each new hire is asked to make an introduction that includes a “fun fact” about his or herself with the rest of the class.

This activity tends to warm the group up and ease some of the anxiousness associated with starting a new position. When the introductions are finished, the group plays “two truths and a lie”. Around this time the class definitely seems more comfortable and relaxed.

Once the game is over, Julie explains the intention behind these activities. Not only is the goal to create a sense of comfort, but it is also to help the new-hires connect with each other. These relationships help form friendships outside of the classroom, and gives a sense of accountability to each newly hired Loan Apprentice.

Most people at Royal United Mortgage LLC understand how difficult the Federal SAFE Exam is, and the HR and Loan Advisor Development team understand that one of the best ways to prepare for this test is to study in groups.

The rest of the orientation gives the New-Hires some insight into policies and procedures, corporate initiatives, and the Royal United Mortgage LLC culture.

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