Indianapolis Indiana Internship at Royal United Mortgage LLC

July 06, 2017 by Dariah Rice

This is my third year working at Royal United Mortgage LLC as an intern. I have worked one winter break in the intake department, one summer in the processing department, and this summer I am working in the human resource department. This has been such a great experience for me as a college student to work in different environments and has helped me get a better idea of what the working world will be like after I graduate from school. Especially, since I am currently undecided in my major.

There are currently two other interns working for Royal United Mortgage LLC. Mason Washer and Nick Shulse are both interns in the processing department. I asked both to give me quotes about their experience so far at Royal United Mortgage LLC.

Nick Shulse said,

     “If I had to describe my experience as an intern, I would say that it has been a lot of fun but also very hard. The people I work with are fantastic and a day has not gone by where I haven’t laughed while working here.”

Mason Washer said,

“Through my Royal United Mortgage LLC internship I’ve gained invaluable experience to propel me into a successful future. From hands on engagement, to sitting with experienced professionals and learning business ethics, to problem solving on my own; I’ve gained practical know-how and insight to achieve my goals. The knowledge given me from this company had clarified the significance of taking ownership, initiating communication, and simply being dedicated to my work.”

I would say that I definitely agree with what these two had to say. My experiences with Royal United Mortgage LLC have been extremely beneficial in developing skills that will prove to be valuable in the future. I am excited for what the rest of the summer has in store for me!

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