Indianapolis Office E-cycle

May 03, 2017 by Royal United

Indianapolis Recycle Force, we recycle electronics to give others a second chance.The tail end of April marked the second time this year that Recycle force has been out to the Indianapolis Branch of Royal United Mortgage. Recycling old electronic equipment is something Royal United Mortgage LLC has been happy to take part in.

Like many of our other outreach events, or recycling campaigns, or fundraising campaigns, Recycle Force helps people in need. Recycle Force is one of a small number within the community that actively hires formerly incarcerated individuals.

This means that more than the electronics we help recycle get a second shot at life. Recycle Force helps provide training to all of their staff as well, which helps them get different jobs or pursue their passion with renewed vigor.

As for our donation of electronic devices, significant good comes from their very successful parts recycling program. Recycle Force recycles all of the components it can from each pick up they handle including everything from the batteries in smartphones to the metal cases of a computer.

We’re happy to continue recycling using Recycle Force, and we’re certain that the next batch will be just around the corner!

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