Indianapolis Office: Gleaners Food Bank Visit

May 23, 2017 by Royal United

Gleaners Indianapolis, Royal United MortgageOn Thursday, May 18, some of the Indianapolis staff of Royal United Mortgage LLC gathered at Gleaners for the day as part of one of our monthly outreach events! Our staff has been to Gleaners before, they like helping the community and helping fight the problem of hunger which hurts plenty of local Hoosiers.

One of our staff members, Christa Booth, had this to say about the event” I’ve been with RUM for 5 years now and I look forward to volunteering at Gleaners with my RUM Family every year. I love feeling the competitive spirit that we all bring to the table when packing as much food as we can for families in need. Knowing that we made a difference, even a little one, makes my day just a little bit brighter!”

Brian Miracle also had similar opinions “Yes, I have volunteered for Gleaners several times.  The event was fun and rewarding. I think the impact I’m having on the community is smaller than I’d like, but still feels good knowing that I’m helping people have a meal.  It is important to me because I’m fortunate enough to not need help and to be able to give back to those that do is extremely rewarding and what everyone  should do.”

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The experience on Thursday would ultimately be a great one. The staff of Royal United Mortgage LLC packed small kits which would help with meals on the weekends for needy families. Our staff usually likes to break records for a number of meals packed, however, this time there was a slight problem.

In every bag the team from the Indianapolis office packed, they were told to pack two cans of green beans. Near the end of the day, they were told that each bag only gets one can! This meant they’d have to do some backtracking and remove a can from every bag they packed!

This didn’t deter the high spirits, however, as the team made some great memories. “I really enjoyed volunteering this morning.  It was my first volunteering experience.    It was a great first experience!  I will definitely do it again.  It was good to actually work around other people at Royal United Mortgage LLC besides the ones I see every day.  There are a lot of good people here. “ is what Lisa McCoy thought of the event.

In the end, our staff did a lot of good. Our team packed plenty of kits, and we had a lot of fun!

Here’s what other members of our team had to say about this event.

I have volunteered at Gleaner’s once before and think it is a great place to serve.  I thought it was fun to be able to get to know other employees from RUM while helping a good cause like Gleaners.  As individuals fortunate to work in jobs that allow us to never have to worry about having food to eat, it’s impactful to be able to support an organization that is helping to provide that for people.  While RUM must make a profit to exist, it does not exist to make a profit but rather to put people in a better situation.  This type of event allows us to do that same thing for people in our community and it validates that what we do day to day is about more than our own interest.  As an employee, it’s meaningful to be able to this type of work and know that the Company supports it.  “ –John Nix

This event was one of many that I have had the opportunity to participate in and my second time at Gleaners specifically.

I was really blown away by the morale of the group and the atmosphere that RUM employees take with them wherever we go. We had fun, we laughed, and we even groaned a bit about green beans!

However, the real marvel was in what we did and the impact we were able to make to families here at home. I am an Indianapolis native and the struggles of my neighbors to simply get a meal on the table really affects me. I think this is why I feel so responsible for lending a hand and my time to organizations like Gleaners. – Nick Anderson


I have volunteered at Gleaners before and I loved it! I’m impacting my community by helping feed hungry families over the weekend and helping keep Gleaners open so they can continue to provide food for people who need a hand up. I don’t want anyone to ever go hungry. We live in a world where people, unfortunately, go without, but I feel like I can make an impact for those who live in my community. – Evan Shortridge



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