Indianapolis Office: Royal United Mortgage LLC takes on Run317

June 20, 2017 by Dariah Rice

Royal United Mortgage LLC employees joined in on a dual effort to support School on Wheels and participate in a 5k.Royal United Mortgage Indianapolis

School on Wheels is an organization that provides educational assistance to families experiencing homelessness. School on Wheels has been fortunate enough to be invited to Run317 for the past three years.  Run 317 is a race series which supports non-profits throughout the Indianapolis area.

Royal United Mortgage LLC had over 50 employees either participating or volunteering at the event. By volunteering, our employees could be a part of packet pickup, ID check, or hand out water.

For some employees this was their first time partaking in Run317 but everyone who went, thought it was a fantastic event!


“This was my first time running the 317. I enjoyed the camaraderie outside of work with my co-workers. I think School on Wheel is a great program.”

-Luke Martin, Director of Sec Marketing

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“Great experience in a fantastic part of town with my lovely friends, who also happen to be my co-workers, for a phenomenal organization! Loved it!”

-Christa Booth, Lock Desk Specialist

“This was my first time volunteering for Run317 and I must say it was well organized and I think the event ran very smoothly. From getting involved and really seeing how everyone working together can make such a significant difference, it has motivated me to volunteer with School on Wheels and become a student tutor in the near future. This is really important to me because helping the kids where it’s most important, education, gives them the chance to focus on what matters and be better prepared to overcome and handle the other challenges they face.”

-Mylanna Warren, Accounting Specialist


“I have been running 317 events for several years, and I love them! It’s a great thing to do as a group, and I love that the series partners with local charities. Running with a purpose is something close to my heart. Last year, before I started working here, I saw the RUM group at this event in Broad Ripple, and asked someone about it, and thought it was awesome that a company had a group of runners at an event. Fast forward a few months, and I started working here. It was huge to me that this company does events like this as a team, and one of the things that drew me here. I am anxious for more volunteer opportunities.”
-Jamie Cogan, Corporate Recruiter

“I have never volunteered for School on Wheels before, nor have I ever even ran a 5k. For being a first timer, it was definitely hard. However, having my peers around me running alongside me helped push me to the finish line. Overall, the event was really awesome and it is great to know that just by doing an event like this, we can raise a lot of money to help out kids in our community.”

-Jacob Montgomery, Loan Advisor

For other employees this was their second time participating in Run 317.Royal United Mortgage Custom Loan Options

“I have volunteered and have run the 317 twice now. It is a positive social event that allows you to contribute to a good cause while getting good exercise and competition at the same time.”

-Jeff Hardt, Funding Specialist, Acctg.

“The best view is at an 8:26 pace”

-Tim Mestrich, LA Development Manager

“I’ve done Run 317 two years in a row now. It’s important because as a company we are able to compete with our fellow co-workers, spend quality time with each other, and ensure that we are raising money for School on Wheels. The event is always fun for everyone involved, and it’s a great way to serve the Indianapolis youth and ensure they are getting the quality education that will allow them to be successful in the future.”

-Jack Slaby, Vice President of Lending

Whether this was a new or repeat experience, Royal United Mortgage LLC employees joined together to support homeless children and families in Indianapolis through our outreach partner, School on Wheels.

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