Indy gets some well deserved rest!

February 08, 2017 by Royal United

The Indianapolis branch of Royal United Mortgage LLC was treated this week to a round of chair massages.
Massage card 3
The Indianapolis office had an astounding opening year, and after their hard work, some relaxation was in order. Dr. Adam J. Newton of Health Solutions  was just the man for the job!

There were sixteen open slots for chair massage sessions, and Dr. Newton stayed for a full 2 hours to ensure each employee who signed up was relaxed and ready to work!  Work can be stressful, and Loan Advisors definitely have their fair share of stress to go around. Thankfully Dr. Newton, who has been helping the local Carmel Indiana community for 8 years, was here to help make the days of sixteen employees much better.

This won’t be the last opportunity for Dr. Newton to help with the rigors of office life here at Royal United Mortgage. For the handful of Indianapolis employees who missed this opportunity to take the weight off their shoulders, Dr. Newton will be back in March.

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