Interview with Katie Sebastian- Home Loan Advisor

July 25, 2017 by Dariah Rice

Online Home MortgageKatie Sebastian has been with Royal United Mortgage for about two and a half years. Katie has been a Loan Advisor, a Team Lead, and she currently just took on the new role as a Loan Advisor Development Manager.

I interviewed Katie to get more insight into her journey with Royal United Mortgage and what the company means to her. Katie, like some Advisors here, had a rocky start. “I think that Royal United Mortgage LLC chose me.” She said, in regards to how she got to working at Royal United Mortgage LLC, “I had a really tough journey starting out here and, I think Royal United Mortgage LLC believed in me, when I didn’t.  I’m very grateful for that.”

Her Experiences here at Royal United Mortgage LLC, have certainly helped her grow as well.  “I’ve really learned that I can push myself to limits I never thought.

I’ve developed incredible problem solving skills and that as long as I put my mind to something – I can do it and better yet, I know I’ll do it well. “Her determination is something that’s helped her along the way in her career. Katie has seen two promotions since she’s started. More recently, she’s taken on the role of Loan Advisor Development Manager. It’s a position that prioritizes the growth of incoming Loan Apprentices, and ensures they know every facet of their new career.


When asked why she took up the potion of Loan Advisor Development Manager Katie had this to say “There were a lot of changes happening in my division and I was offered the position and didn’t even hesitate. I’ve had such a unique experience here starting off, that I know exactly what all new people feel walking through those doors trying to learn and understand what this job takes. I think I can bring a lot of value and a new point of view for a lot of the apprentices and I’m excited to teach them everything I know. It’s really encouraging… even for those that don’t see immediate success… you can. I’m the prime example of this. “

Royal United Mortgage LLC’s approach to training makes us a different company to work for that most. Katie’s thoughts were very similar: “RUM allows you to grow in whatever position is best for you. I’m very proud to work at a company that understands and empathizes with their employees and wants them to be successful in every aspect of life. RUM is like a family- that’s a very rare thing to find these days. They encourage you to be the best you in and outside of work.”Royal United Mortgage Top Rated Service

Katie’s answers speak volumes to the culture and environment that we are a part of at Royal United Mortgage. Her positive outlook on her journey with Royal United Mortgage is backed by her hard work and dedication. Her efforts haven’t gone unnoticed either, Katie was also just named one of the Top 5 producers in the entire company!

Way to go Katie!


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