Mortgage Loan Advisors Are Different

June 14, 2016 by Royal United

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When I started working at Royal United Mortgage LLC I always wondered why we were called Loan Advisors instead of loan Originator or Loan Officer like at most other lenders in the mortgage industry.

The major differences are: knowledge, the desire to educate borrowers, and most importantly the ability to look beyond what the client wants to what they need to accomplish their financial goals. The first step to being a Loan Advisor is knowing you have been given an opportunity to change people’s lives. In short, loan originators or loan officers take orders.

To make matters worse most clients don’t really know what type of loan is best for them. There are only two states in the whole country that require some form of financial education in high school, that means it is up to Loan Advisors to fill in the gap. With so many loan programs available, customized loan options will ensure borrowers get a loan tailored to them

So take a few minutes every day to master your craft. Learn about a different guideline and different financial product. Knowing about 401K’s, 529’s, and the power of compounding interest can make the difference between just putting a short term bandage on an immediate problem and having the financial future you deserve.

Loan Advisors know that clients need us to be different. Borrowers deserve to be educated about the products they invest in. An order taker is not a client advocate. Loan Advisors take time to listen, educate, build custom loan options and change their client’s lives by securing their financial futures.


Written By: Justin , Senior Loan Advisor at Royal United Mortgage LLC
Published: 06/14/2016

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