Promoting Education at the Boys & Girls Club

July 06, 2016 by Royal United

The Royal United Mortgage LLC Team loves education which is why employees were eager to donate prizes to encourage learning for children at the Lilly Boys & Girl Club in Indianapolis.ToyDrive_1

This Boys & Girls Club location has a program where the kids can earn points by reading books and doing other educational activities. They can then either trade in their points right away on smaller trinkets or save them up for a bigger prize. The club was extremely low on fun toys, games, and other prizes to incentivize the children so Royal United Mortgage LLC employees donated a carload of new items.

Our team dropped off the items to fill the Boys & Girls Club supply closet full of prizes. Some of the items that were donated include: sports balls, jump ropes, playing cards, dominoes, chess and other games, bubbles, earbuds, RC cars, and more!

Now the kids will have plenty of prizes to choose from. Our team is all about supporting those in the communities we serve. We know that youth education programs are important to our future.

ToyDrive  toy drive

Written by: The Royal United Blog Team
Published: July 6, 2016

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