Real Client Success Story: Keshia’s First Home

August 07, 2015 by Brandon Podzielinski NMLS# 1008462

SwingsetWhen Keshia first called us, she was completely new to the home buying process. Used to renting, Keshia was a young borrower in her late twenties who decided it was time to buy a home that she could raise her child in. Aside from knowing close to nothing about the home buying process, she knew she wanted a place to call home for her and her little one. She was looking to move into a permanent home with a good school system for her soon-to-be student.

As her Loan Advisor, I worked with Keshia over the course of a couple of months. We started by walking her through the process of getting qualified. Education is a big part of how we interact with our clients and making sure that they understand the process. I wanted her to know why what she was doing was important. And I saw that it helped Keshia feel more comfortable and have confidence as she went through the process. We got Keshia prequalified for a loan before she began looking for a house. Getting the prequalification out of the way first gave Keshia an understanding of what she could afford and buy.

After becoming prequalified for a loan, she began looking for houses that matched her wants and needs. Finding the right home can take several months, but Keshia found hers in about four weeks, which left some extra time to get finances in place.

Keshia was leaning on a tax refund check, so from an asset stand-point, we were struggling to find the finances necessary. I worked directly with the sellers to have them cover a portion of the closing costs. We were also able to use lender credit to cover another portion of the costs as well, which enabled Keshia to successfully close. Check out her testimonial.

In the end, Keshia found a house that fit all of her needs and her budget, and we were able to help her reach her goal. There’s no better feeling than that.

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