Real Client Success Story: Randy Saves Over $1,000 Monthly

June 07, 2016 by Matthew Moore NMLS# 1184239

Save moneyRandy mentioned that he likes to help out his friends when they are in need and he was personable–like a kind family friend.

Randy, like many of us, was looking to lower his payments and save money monthly. Many clients I speak with are looking for a refinance but they usually have a larger financial goal in mind. Randy had some goals of his own.  I did my job and followed the process to best help Randy with what he really wanted to accomplish. Beyond just lowering payments, he was interested in getting cash out to make some needed improvements around the house: replace windows, some repairs, and remodel his kitchen. He also had some consumer debt, including a car loan that was contributing to his monthly costs. Really, Randy was just looking for some breathing room.

Because he had some challenges with another lender a year prior, I made sure he was well taken care of. I proposed some options that his previous lender did not consider. I was able to find him a cash out consolidation loan option that would pay off his current debt. I showed him options on loan structures I had in mind, including the cash out consolidation option where it would lower monthly payments well over $1,000.  He was very impressed and agreed the cash out consolidation would really put him in a more comfortable spot. Randy pulled the trigger and we started the process of closing the loan.

I made sure to touch base at least twice a week and did my best to usher his loan through the pipeline as quickly as possible. He was apprehensive about having unforeseen issues come up again, so communication was a key factor. I was extremely transparent with what was required and why. He was responsive and got me the necessary paperwork and signatures quickly, within 24 hours. Randy’s responsiveness allowed us to close the loan in three weeks flat.

Randy in enjoying a life changing loan and is saving over $1,000 each month. By giving him cash to do the improvements he wanted to do around the house, his lifestyle will improve.  It was the great combination of Randy being really easy to work with and me providing the quality client service everyone deserves that got his loan funded quickly.

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Written by: Matthew Moore, Loan Advisor at Royal United Mortgage LLC
Published:  06/07/2016

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