Real Client Success Story: VA Loan Settles Financial Issues

September 16, 2016 by Chad Peelle NMLS# 1025866

When SuzettIndianapolis Mortgagee and I first began discussing the goals she and her husband, Jim, had for a refinance, they were unsure and a bit hesitant to begin. Embarking on this process can be frightening and intimidating for anyone, so I understood. Sue informed me that things were tight and they were struggling to get by every month. They had numerous goals in mind to put them in a better position, but the bottom line was that they needed more cash flow and less revolving debt wasting their money.

When I built their options, I was grateful to discover I could show them some outside-the-box solutions to their financial situation that went beyond what they thought possible. Due to Jim’s selfless service to our country, they qualified for a VA loan that allowed them to pay off two costly credit cards and take cash out of the equity in their home to begin their goal to turn their home into a solar-powered property. Our loan reduced their overall payments dramatically, saving them hundreds a month, while providing the necessary cash at closing to complete their repairs. It is a rare treat as a professional loan advisor to help folks tackle this many issue at once while providing a healthy amount of cash.

Sue and I interacted often throughout the process, developing a fun banter that kept the proceedings light and entertaining, especially when we hit any bumps or delays. Any time I needed her help getting something knocked out, she was on it without hesitation and always with a smile on her face. Sue & Jim are the kind of clients who remind me why I come to work every day and why being a loan advisor is such an important job for the people we serve. I am grateful to have been of service to the Suzette and Jim and look forward to hearing about their progress in the months to come!

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Written By: Chad Peelle NMLS# 1025866, Senior Loan Advisor
Published: 09/16/2016

We just finished our closing and I have to say this was the best experience I’ve had, we refinanced before with another lender and I will tell you this, Royal United Mortgage LLC is tops in my book. I had Chad Peelle as my agent and he really became a friend. We laughed together and really he was so up to date of what we needed I just felt safe in his hands. We got everything we wanted and now we are really gonna go whole hog on dreams we didn’t think we would be able to do. We are on our way to a solar home and hardwood floors!! Thanks Chad you are a very special guy, and you are #1 in my book. So if you are checking to refinance  this is the company you want to go with….so caring, it’s not just the money they are making I believe they really care about you and helping you to get the best refinance out there. Thanks to everyone who helped us to get here with a better life with smaller out go each month, Chad I feel thank you is just not enough, I’m so glad you were the one who called me because you are FANTASTIC !!

Suzette & Jim D., Stella, MO

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