(Re)Raising the Roof in Four Easy Steps

July 18, 2019 by Royal United


The time has come: you must replace your home’s roof. If you have never re-roofed your home, you might not know where or how to begin.

Not to worry! Here is how to (re)raise the roof in four easy steps!

Step 1 – Ask yourself these questions:

  • Do we want to strip down the old roof and start over or recover the old shingles?

Years ago, re-roofing a house meant adding shingles on top of the existing roof. Today, that practice isn’t as common, and some localities prohibit adding on top of existing roofs. Regardless, this is something you should consider before you begin.

  • What can we do ourselves? And what should we hire a professional to do?

Sometimes homeowners will try to remove shingles themselves to save money. It can be a simple process for any handyman or woman. But, we recommend against it. Removing shingles incorrectly can cause damage to the roof itself and put homeowners in physical danger. We recommend that if you are going to hire us to replace your roof, you let us do the entire project.

  • Should we do a partial or full re-roofing?

If you’re using your homeowner’s insurance to replace your roof, sometimes the insurer will cover the costs to replace half of the roof. If that is the case, it’s possible to do only a partial re-roofing. You should speak to your roofing contractor about the options so the roofing materials match and a partial replacement isn’t noticeable.

But, if you are replacing the roof yourself because you know it’s time to do so, we recommend doing a full re-roofing. Guarantees do not cover partial replacements. Plus, any roofing inspection you have in the future will not take partial replacements into consideration. This could lead to false or incorrect results during your next inspection.

Step 2 – Decide on a budget and consider these costs:

  • Roofing materials: Whether you’re using three-tab or 50-year asphalt shingles, clay or concrete tiles, or some other product, each has its own benefits. Each also has its own costs associated, so be sure to weigh both before you choose.
  • Square footage: Of course, the size of your roof will be one of the largest factors to consider when budgeting.
  • Your roof pitch: The steeper your roof, the higher the cost of replacing it will be.
  • The season: Consider getting your roof replaced during the cold weather months. If there’s no rain, snow, or ice on the roof, some roofing contractors will do work for a discount. Ask.

Step 3 – Sign a contract.

You are ahead of the game if you already have a relationship with a contractor that has been providing regular, free roof inspections! All you have to do is sign the contract and get the work started!

But, if you don’t have a roofing contractor already, or you decide to use a different one, be sure to choose someone who has HAAG certified specialists on hand. They should give you a free roof inspection, along with an estimate for the work that will need to be completed. If they meet your budget, it’s time to sign a contract and set a date to begin work!

Your family should be prepared for 3-4 days worth of work. Unless your roof has serious damage, you should be able to stay in your home while the work happens. But remember: it will be loud and busy while workers are present, so make the arrangements you need if you work from home or have small children who might be bothered by the noise.

Also, be sure to have trash cans set up. Cleanup should be included in your costs, but mitigating will help with the time it takes to finish the re-roofing project.

Step 4: The Work Begins!

Every roofing contractor re-roofs using the same process:

  1. The old roof will be stripped down.
  2. The contractors will make any repairs needed to support or improve the integrity of your roof.
  3. They will install your roof’s necessary protections, such as ice and water shields, waterproof barriers, and ridge vents needed for insulation.
  4. A good roofing contractor should be like any good guest: they will clean up their mess and return your roof (and property) as they found it!

And that’s it: replacing your roof in four easy steps! All it takes is asking yourself a few questions, determining a budget, finding the right roofing contractor and signing a contract, and then letting the work begin! Good luck!

If you think a new roof is in order, contact Royal United Mortgage, LLC today for a free home equity analysis to see if you can use your home’s equity to pay for it!

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