Royal United Mortgage LLC Employees Support Prevention and Donation

October 20, 2015 by Royal United

Royal United Mortgage LLC Employees Support Prevention and DonationAnother year comes around; more ads about getting your flu shot. Some are skeptical, but those of us who get vaccinated every year can attest: it works. You might feel crummy for a day or two, but when co-workers are calling off work for a few days because they get the flu, you smile and think about how you have those couple of extra days of vacation they won’t get to use.

This year, Royal United Mortgage LLC sponsored a flu vaccine drive, hosted by OccuVAX, at the Indianapolis office. From an employee point of view, it was a quick and easy way to get vaccinated. This year, many of us who were vaccinated can sleep better knowing they have a hardened defense against the flu.

Royal United Mortgage LLC also recently had a blood drive. You may have given blood before. Remember when they prick your finger to check how much iron you have in your blood? It’s important, because too much iron is a bad thing. Giving blood helps lower that iron count in your body, and can help prevent high blood pressure, among other positives. And remember how they take your temperature and blood pressure? That’s a health screening. Be honest, do you get a physical EVERY year? Maybe this catches something you need to get checked out.

But that entirely aside, and most important of all, blood saves lives. Your body has an unlimited potential to keep pumping out and creating blood. There is no artificial substitute for human blood. So a few pints a year could go far in saving tens of lives (or even more). I donate blood a few times a year because I feel like one day, someone will need it, and I potentially helped save their life.

Written by: Royal United Mortgage LLC Blog Team
Published: 10/20/2015

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