TEAM Royal United Mortgage LLC + Gleaners = Energy + No Hunger!

March 31, 2016 by Kristen Brasher NMLS# 1434387

“GAME ON!” “You’re the bottleneck…” and “Pump the brakes!” were a few of the many phrases proclaimed on Friday morning at Gleaners Food Bank from the Royal United Mortgage LLC volunteers. Occasionally there were slow processes in the assembly line, but in true Royal United Mortgage LLC fashion – we focused as a team on what we could control and improve – so “game on” was the cue to shift gears and all volunteers focus on an ‘all systems go’ process – quicker and better than before. We were told beforehand that “quality – not quantity is what matters” A few of the Loan Advisors smirked knowing their goal was to far exceed expectations from a deliverance standpoint – without ever compromising quality.

For newly flipped advisors such as Alex Wilkinson and me, this volunteer opportunity was exactly what we expected from our Royal United Mortgage LLC family. The teamwork, ridiculous competitiveness with other volunteers, and collaboration amongst our new friends was exactly what we predicted.

Altogether, we had 18 Royal United Mortgage LLC volunteers total – representing all different departments. Gleaners usually averages 1,400 backsacks packed during the duration of volunteer block. Fueled by continuous improvement, no one on the Royal United Mortgage LLC squad wanted to settle for a 1,400 – or even 1,500 goal. At 11:30am, we left after stuffing 2,200 sacks for children for the 21 county area that Gleaners serve. The energy and pride that we left with made us want to return to the office to finish our Friday strong to win the week.

Written by: Kristen Brasher, Loan Advisor at Royal United Mortgage LLC
Published: 3/31/2016

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