T’is the Season to Give Back

December 05, 2017 by elementthree

GleanersLast Friday morning a group of 60+ employees from our Indianapolis office had the privilege of serving at Gleaners Food Bank of Indiana Inc. The group helped sort over 20,000lbs. of food which will help feed over 60,000 people. They also got to present Gleaners with a check for $5,000 that was raised by employees. This $5,000 will help feed 15,000 people.

“The first time I went to Gleaner’s, my team leader required that my whole team go. But once I got there, I was so happy I went. I met some awesome RUM people that I never knew before and everyone that works at Gleaners was SO nice and thankful for our help. But the biggest reason I come back is that I never realized something so simple like sorting food into boxes or making snack-bags could have a hand in feeding over 60,000 people. It blows my mind every time I go. It’s things like going to Gleaner’s and handing them a check for $5k that makes me really proud to work for this company.” Sophie Spenia, Loan Advisor NMLS# 1395172

“I’ve been volunteering at Gleaners for about 5 years. I love helping the organization sort through their donations in order to deliver food to communities in need. The most important aspect of volunteering is the time we get to give in order to help others. It’s not a huge time commitment and easy to do. It’s fun to serve when are with your coworkers.”Chris Snyder, Loan Advisor NMLS# 409090

“This was a blast! Met many people from the company I didn’t know before, we had a great time competing to process the most food stores with the other groups.  I try to always do some volunteer work over the Holidays, this was my first time to volunteer at Gleaner’s would definitely do again!”Doug Hassell, Loan Advisor NMLS# 1651795Gleaners

“This was my second experience with Gleaners. It is a great organization doing fantastic things for the community.  It was both rewarding and fun at the same time.  My hats off to the employees at Gleaners for what they do and I look forward to another opportunity to help out.” – Chris Pacifico, Systems Engineer

Great job and thank you for serving! In this season of giving, how are you planning on giving back?


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