Veterans Day

November 10, 2017 by elementthree

Today we honor those who serve or have served our country. We want to recognize our employees who have answered the call to serve our country and defend our freedoms. Thank you for your service!

Indianapolis:                               Cincinnati:                            Schaumburg:                       Austin:       

Justin Allee                                 Bryan Grimm                       JaMaal Johnson                 Jack Brousseau

Andrew Asperger                   Rodolfo Jimenez                Ronald Johnson

Charles Endicott III                Laura Spaugh                       Robert Stines

Russell Himes

Rachel Hoke

Jerron Long

Kate Neal

Jennifer Payne

Margaret Serrano

Jason Smith

Roger Smith

Greg Stacy

Blair Tinkham

Jared Reuff

Justin Wells

Nathan Haney

Robert Vandivier


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