A Castle Is a Child’s Kingdom

May 03, 2012

Royal United Mortgage LLC participated in Habitat for Humanity of Greater Indianapolis’ benefit project called Play It Forward. A Castle Is a Child’s Kingdom. Playhouses were built by various organizations and will be displayed throughout the Indianapolis area from June 1 through August 31, 2012.  People will have a chance to bid on them or, for the right price buy them immediately.

A part of Royal United Mortgage LLC’s vision and mission is to enrich the communities served. Royal United Mortgage LLC’s volunteers wanted to build something unique and different. Something a child would come home to every day and think, WOW, I have a CASTLE in my back-yard!

With some very creative employees who rallied around the idea, the volunteers who built the castle went as far as putting real stone on the structure. “We were told by the Habitat representative who picked up the castle that Royal United has clearly set a record for total weight, “said Michael Keleher, President of Royal United Mortgage LLC. “Living in the Midwest, we wanted to ensure the structure would be safe outdoors given our unpredictable weather.

”The castle has two levels, with a staircase taking one to the balcony.  The front door is a retractable draw bridge to ensure any child can get safely over the imaginary moat.

“Habitat for Humanity is a great organization with an important mission. The employees of Royal United were proud to support this initiative.” said Craig Royal, CEO.   Royal then stated with a smile on his face, “Building the playhouse was good preparation work leading up to the Habitat home we will build this summer.”

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