Top Five Places to Work

June 22, 2009

Growing Indianapolis Company with ”Fresh Approach‘, Named One of Indianapolis Top Five Places to Work Royal United Mortgage LLC nominated by employees as one of the best places  to work in Indianapolis.

Starting a successful company in the middle of an economic downturn is one thing; doing it with a fresh approach to hiring and retaining the best of the best employees is quite another. Based upon feedback from Royal’s employees, it’s working! Employees of the firm nominated Royal United Mortgage LLC as one of the best places to work in Indianapolis and on Sunday, June 21, the Indianapolis Star announced that, indeed, Royal United is one of the top five places to work in this area.

Key to Royal United’s fresh approach is an understanding of what characteristics a prospective employee must have to be successful. Then they place candidates in a situation where those characteristics can be assessed during the hiring process. Once on board, new employees are given the technology, marketing, education and leadership mentoring to help them be successful. Woven throughout the environment are daily communications to all employees that Royal United Mortgage LLC is a company where every employee’s work and personal results make a difference.

Royal United Mortgage LLC’s leadership team, with over 20 years of mortgage experience, has taken the best practices from previous organizations and put together an environment where people feel they are part of something bigger than themselves. Michael P. Keleher, President, proudly stated, ”We have and will continue to create an environment where people who work hard can achieve their personal and professional goals; a place where people know their value to the organization; an environment where a person’s internal motivation is released.

Craig Royal, CEO, attributes their success to the development of a culture where everyone understands that service begins with the customer, the community, employees and their families. Royal has vowed that no matter how big the company becomes, culturally, the company will retain its focus on service, as well as the same beliefs and values that earned it this honor.” We believe in working hard and having fun. Our work environment is very open and informal, yet structured for success, stated Royal.

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