The Celebration at French Lick Indiana

October 14, 2015 by Robert Jakubowski NMLS# 906994

Imagine sitting in a room amongst the greatest people in your respected fields.  That is exactly what you get to witness when you finish in the top of the French Lick Contest.  The French Lick Contest is an annual company outing to celebrate Royal United Mortgage LLC’s top performers.  You look around at the next person, knowing that they may have edged you out, or that you had just edged them out.  You wonder what you could have done to get one more place higher, or what some of the other outstanding people in this company had done to make it there themselves.

The best part about the ceremony is not hearing what your manager has to say about you, the appreciation they have for the work put into accomplishing this feat, or the amazing trophies you receive.  Actually, the best part of this ceremony and celebration is listening to the appreciation that our leadership has for the people sitting around you. You hear about how hard they work, day in and day out. It is inspiring to hear the time that this company takes to truly know, and understand, the people that they work with.  You hear the appreciation that all of us earn, there is not a blind eye to what we do, no matter how big or small the task is.

In the end Royal United Mortgage LLC recognizes that everything that we have done to get to this prestigious ceremony is what drives the company forward month over month.  It is what motivates the people that had just missed the ability to be recognized at this event.  We have laid the ground work for the people that have just started with our company and have shown what it takes to be successful in a difficult, but extremely rewarding career.

For those who made it this year, congratulations!  You have done much more than just earning a spot at an award ceremony.  On the other hand, for those who didn’t make it, this is your chance to start working toward being better than you already are, reaching new heights that you have not been to, and instilling yourself on the great culture that is built every day here at Royal United Mortgage LLC.

Written by: Robert Jakubowki, Team Leader at Royal United Mortgage LLC

Published: 10/14/15

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