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Latest Rates as of Apr 19, 2014
FHA: 4.125% with 4.46% APR
30-year fixed: 4.375% with 4.59% APR
20-year fixed: 4.25% with 4.49% APR
15-year fixed: 3.625% with 3.96% APR
10-year fixed: 3.375% with 3.77% APR
5/1 ARM: 2.75% with 3.06% APR
Reverse (HECM): 3.25% with See Assumptions APR
VA Loan (30yr Fixed): 4.25% with 4.68% APR

The Royal Difference

At Royal United Mortgage, our goal is to provide you with an informed choice of financial solutions that will help you build a better life. For Royal United Mortgage, making that difference in the lives of the customers and communities we serve is our top priority.


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