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Military service can qualify an individual for a VA (Veterans Affairs) Mortgage Loan. Those who apply for a VA loan do not need to have retired from active duty in order to be eligible.

Eligibility for separated veterans is broken down in this resourceful chart:  Eligibility Requirements for a VA Loan. It is based on three primary factors:

  • Length of active service
  • Time period of active service
  • The character of their service

Character of service is found in Item 24 of the DD-214.  It MUST be a discharge classified as honorable. Functionally, this means that it needs to say “Honorable” or in some cases “General”. Check with your Loan Advisor, but unless it’s a rare case, anything else may disqualify an individual from obtaining a VA loan.

Reserve & National Guard:                                                                                                

Many Reserve and National Guard members qualify for VA financing, but the approval process may be more involved. Generally, a Reservist or Guardsman must have served six years unless still serving. Many Reserve or Guard members meet the qualification as “Active” veterans because of the length of time their respective specialty training takes or due to being activated for deployment. While every active duty service member will be given a DD-214 upon their separation from active duty, the Reserve components do not have a similar standard form.  A Reservist who completes their enlistment or commission without retiring will have a document stating their effective date of separation and character of service; however the form of that document will vary based on their branch of service.

Access to a VA loan is one of the most valuable benefits available to current and former service members. For over 70 years, VA loans have helped millions of veterans and service members attain their goals and become homeowners. Through government backing and various benefits, VA loans offer options for qualified borrowers to reduce costs. Just like any other loan, it is important that borrowers are thorough.

If you are currently in the military or have served, thank you for your service. Understand the benefits and requirements of VA Mortgage Loans. Take advantage of this valuable benefit that can make it easier for more service members to realize their goals of home ownership!

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