Holiday for the Worker

September 05, 2016 by Royal United

The first Monday in September is reserved to celebrate the American worker and is dedicated to the achievements of this country’s diverse workforce.  Labor Day began in the midst of the Industrial Revolution during the late 1800s. During this time period, labor organizations formed and became more vocal about the abysmal working conditions many people had to endure. Labor Day was officially recognized as a legal holiday after the United States Congress passed an act in 1894.

In the years since, the holiday has come to be known as the unofficial end to summer. People take advantage of their free time by enjoying the company of family and friends, picnics, cook-outs and one last weekend on the lake. America and its workforce have changed dramatically since the Industrial Revolution. But the core principles of; hard work, dedication and pride have endured throughout the years.

Royal United Mortgage LLC would like to recognize all of the effort and diligence of our staff and all of those, who have in the past or are currently shaping this country’s workforce.

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Written By: Royal United Mortgage LLC Blog Team
Publish: 09/05/2016


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