How Establishing a Routine Impacts Your Day

March 24, 2020 by Brighid Smith

We are living through unprecedented times. Many people’s lives have been turned upside-down due to Covid-19. With many industries forced to work from home, many people are experiencing a shift in their daily schedules. It’s important now more than ever to establish a healthy routine to guide you through this time.

Daily routines vary depending on the person. They may include meals, exercise, or personal development. Such routines determine how we work, what our relationships look like, and what areas of our lives need improvement. Check out how having a daily routine influences your efficiency:

  1. Better Time Management

Creating a routine helps you to manage your time during the day. It’s like having a daily to-do list that can lead to a pattern of daily activities. It’s a good idea to track your time to know how much time you spend on each activity and where your time goes. Forbes has some great recommendations for managing your time. When you have a specific plan for your day, it’s easier to achieve your goals.

  1. Focus

Distractions are eliminated when you get in the groove of a routine because you are focused only on the things that need to get done. As you establish your routine, the more you stick to it, the more automatic it will become for you to perform all essential tasks throughout the day. This will result in smoother more efficient work.

  1. Understanding Yourself Better

Establishing a healthy daily routine won’t happen overnight. With time, you can develop good habits, eliminate bad ones, and see what kind of routine works best for you by trial and error. Now is the time! Really leaning into your routine is a fantastic way to learn about yourself–what triggers the good things in your life and what influences the not so good thus allowing you to learn and grow.

Following a set of systematic practices helps you to be more organized, self-aware, and successful! When you establish a healthy routine, you are better able to prepare for a new day and new challenges in life and work.



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