Indianapolis Office Electronics Recycle Day

January 30, 2017 by Royal United

Employees of Royal United Mortgage LLC might have noticed signs posted around the office this week. Royal United Mortgage LLC has begun its spring cleaning with gusto! People from around the office, as well as our IT department helped make this donation meaningful.

We all know recycling is environmentally friendly, but did you know that electronic recycling through Recycle Force also benefits the community? Recycle Force builds its business model on turning unwanted computers, printers, and other consumer goods into valuable plastics and metals which will become future goods for purchase. It also safely disposes of the toxic waste which can come from batteries. Probably the most important impact Recycle Force has on our community however, is its labor force. Recycle Force offers employment benefits, and pays for job training programs, to formerly incarcerated men and women in order to support their re-entry back into our community.

In total, Royal United Mortgage LLLC donated 30 electronic components including, 17 monitors, 2 printers, 7 computers and 4 other miscellaneous electronic goods! So there you have it! Our electronics recycling drive was a success, and those employees who did donate can feel great knowing it all went to a terrific cause.

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