Re-fi’s and Renovations

February 19, 2020 by Brighid Smith

Spring is around the corner and whether you’re getting ready to sell or staying in your current home, it’s smart to know the home renovations that add the most value and what they can do for you in the long-run.

Currently, exterior improvements yield the biggest return in resale and refinance value. It’s all about curb appeal. These three renovations deliver the biggest returns:

  • Replacing vinyl siding with manufactured stone veneer. This renovation adds curb appeal and according to Jennifer Franklin of Brankrate, a cosmetic improvement like this could catch the eye of a potential buyer and could allow you to recoup nearly 95 percent of your renovation costs.
  • A sturdy, good-looking garage door is at the top of the list when it comes to improvements that add resale value. This upgrade will get you back almost every dollar you spent on it when you go to sell or refinance your home.
  • Creating a sleek and functional kitchen adds more than just monetary value to your home. A well-designed kitchen offers a space for entertaining that adds intrinsic value for potential home buyers.
  • Have a big backyard? Adding a wooden deck addition can be an extra enhancement that allows you and guests to utilize and enjoy your outdoor space. This feature can hold more than 75 percent of its value come sale time.
  • Protecting your home from the elements is just as important as aesthetics. New windows don’t just look better they also safeguard your home from the weather. Window upgrades have unexpected benefits like keeping energy costs low which could save you money in the long-run and potential buyers are willing to pay top dollar for them.

Excited to start a renovation project on your current home but not sure how to come up with the funds? Why not consider a Cash-Out Refinance! Home refinancing means that you pay off your current mortgage and start with a fresh loan. Taking this route could save you thousands over the life of the loan and help you accomplish a home renovation for example. Take a look at a Mortgage Refinance Calculator to help determine if you’re in a good place to refinance. Talk to a Royal United Loan Advisor to better understand your refinance options.


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