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February 28, 2017 by Austin Davis NMLS# 1109754

Across the country, from Cincinnati to Houston and from coast to coast, most Americans are looking forward to retirement. It’s supposed to be one ofLocal Texas Couple save hundreds of dollars a month, through home debt consolidation. the best times in our lives and a reward for the years of hard work we’ve put forth over our lives. However, as it stands, one in every three Americans have nothing saved up for retirement.  Knowing this, it can be a tough conversation when working with clients who are hoping to retire soon.

When I first spoke with Sandy and John, from Houston, Texas, they had been assured that the mortgage loan process was easy, quick, and that there were some options to help change their financial futures. Sandy and John informed me about debt that was holding them back: vehicles, mortgage, credit cards, and an installment loan. Because John was also looking to retire in the next couple of years, the high payments on most of these items would make it hard to do. While it was a tall order, I was confident that there was a refinance structure available to put the couple in a better spot.

I put together three different mortgage loan options and I was confident that these would be able to tackle their financial woes so Sandy and John could begin looking forward to retirement! The loan options emphasized what was important; getting them out of debt and getting enough cash out to make a life changing difference. Simply consolidating bad debt doesn’t always target the real cause. In addition to debt consolidation, having a solid plan in place ensures that spending is reduced, and that if something comes up, there’s enough extra cash to not be reliant on credit cards.

When I spoke to Sandy, she was already calling me “Awesome Austin” and we had great report! After understanding their loan options and the benefits, she and John started their loan process the next day. Their appraisal came in quickly and their home value came in high, but we were not out of the woods yet. On the appraisal, their home had a small repair that was required in order to complete the process. These two were on top of it! They had a contractor out and the repairs were done quickly.

All in all, John and Sandy are going to be in a much more comfortable spot for their retirement. They’ll be saving over 300 dollars each month, the term of their mortgage was reduced by 3 years, and almost all of their debt has been taken care of. John should be ready for retirement here shortly with Sandy following in just a few more years!

For others in a similar spot, consulting an expert Loan Advisor is recommended. It could help retirement to come sooner and be life changing!

Read Sandy’s testimonial below:

“I cannot express enough how grateful that I am to Austin Davis and Royal United Mortgage for helping me and my husband to begin to reach our financial goals.  They don’t call him “Awesome Austin” for nothing.


I had nearly given up the hope of being able to refinance our mortgage.  Because of our credit scores, we were rejected, time and again.  Yet there still remained this glimmer of hope because that is all we had.  One Saturday, on New Year’s Eve, I received another email from Lending Tree, offering to help us get out of debt.  Something told me to try.  As soon as I finished the application, a list of possible lenders was displayed.  Royal United Mortgage was at the top of the list.  About 30 seconds later, my phone rang. It was a Royal United Mortgage Rep.  He told me that all of the Loan Officers were tied up at that time, but he would have one contact me that evening.


A couple of hours later, Awesome called me.  From the very beginning, he was really interested in hearing about our goals.  He was very professional and I could tell that he knew his business.


Awesome always made me feel as if he had our best interest at heart.  He gave us good, sound financial advice, not just about this loan, but the best way to manage our finances in the future so that we wouldn’t end up in this mess again and how to plan for our retirement, which is, God-willing, not too far away.  I can tell that he loves what he is doing because he is truly helping people.


From my first contact with Austin, on Dec. 31st, it was less than a month until we closed our loan on January 24th.  Wow!


Every step of the way, Austin was right on it.  He kept me informed of every part of the process and answered every one of my questions immediately.  He never had to get back to me because he always knew the answer.  Very professional and knowledgeable of his business.


He even worked on our loan while he was on vacation! Because of him, we have peace of mind at last.  He truly was a Godsend, an answer to our prayers.I would highly recommend Awesome Austin Davis to any of my friends.


-Sandy in Houston, TX

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