Royal United Mortgage LLC lends a helping hand to Gleaners Food Bank.

March 28, 2017 by Royal United

According to Gleaners Food Bank, “A recent report estimates that as many as 1 in 4 children do not have enough to eat to be healthy.” That’s not a tiny number. However, some Royal United Mortgage LLC, employees dedicated their day to help however they could. The solution they were a part of, was stuffing backpacks full of food.Indianapolis Mortgage

The Gleaners program BackSacks provides weekend food to at-risk children. Each BackSack includes shelf-stable food that does not need refrigeration, and has enough food for 5 small meals and a snack. While on paper this does not seem like much Gleaners has tracked fantastic progress with the program. One teacher had this to say about the program. “The overall attendance for BackSacks students has increased. One student who had missed 9 days before the BackSack program only missed 4 days after it started! This is our first year for the program, and I can see great things in the future—more students benefiting, an increase in student attendance, increase of test scores, and decrease of behavior incidents. It is hard to believe just having something to eat on the weekends would benefit a student so much.”

The importance of this program cannot be understated. However, the Backsacks program impacts more than just children. Kati Taylor, the director of marketing at Royal United Mortgage LLC had this to say about the day, “I’ve volunteered at Gleaners several times but this is the first time I have helped with the Back Sack program. Our team was full of energy on this day and we did a great job working together to pack all the food items. I’m grateful to have had the opportunity to help with this project to ensure children in Central Indiana don’t go hungry. I am very fortunate to work for a company that really cares about the community and encourages our team to give back and help others. I look forward to volunteering at Gleaners in the future.”

It was a busy day. Several employees from Royal United Mortgage LLC had gotten to work stuffing backpacks which would be used soon. Another one the staff at Royal United Mortgage LLC also had positive experiences to share. ”I love being able to work with colleagues that I don’t necessarily get to see every day. From operations to the lock desk to the funding department, it’s really nice to be able to all collaborate for such a good cause. It’s also really good to keep things in perspective with the work that we do there. Some of the stress I have in my life doesn’t really compare to what other families are going through so it’s good to kind of step back for myself and do things like this.”

This day saw plenty of BackSacks packed. They will all be put to good use too, as each one will be donated at local schools to ensure they go straight into the hands of children who need them. While hungry Indiana children is not an easy topic to talk about, it’s good to know that anyone who wants to can help with the effort to fight it; and that the staff at Royal United Mortgage are doing their part.

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