Royal United Mortgage LLC Austin: Animal Shelter

August 11, 2016 by Jacob Jackson

Royal United Mortgage LLC_AustinAustin is a vibrant community with many charitable options available.  Our most recent charity venture was at the Austin Animal Center.  This shelter took in a whopping 18,000+ animals from strays to owner drop offs, and that was just last year!  Needless to say, they need volunteers.  We had a wonderful experience learning about how the facility is managed, the goals of the shelter, and how big of a role volunteers like ourselves play in making sure this center is a success.  The need for volunteers at the shelter is a daily one.  We each took anywhere from 2-8 dogs out for walks, play, and treats.  We each were told the ‘10ft. rule’, keep all dogs 10 ft. away from the other animals.  Some of us were told multiple times…no names mentioned, but it was an overall great experience and seemed much appreciated, I’m sure we will be back!


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Written by:  Jacob Jackson, Loan Advisor, Royal United Mortgage LLC
Published: 08/11/2016

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