The Gift of Habitat

September 28, 2015 by Tim Meehan

The Gift of Habitat - Royal United Mortgage LLC - Indy Habitat for HumanityEveryone has a different idea about what giving back really means. I always took care of the people at the Wheeler Mission and felt really good that I could furnish Thanksgiving dinner for 100 people. Before I came to Royal United Mortgage LLC in 2012 I had never volunteered for Habitat for Humanity primarily because I did not work somewhere that embraced a company team attitude about supporting them.

I just completed my 3rd annual assignment this past week and this project, like the other two, was very gratifying. Getting an opportunity to work alongside the actual homeowner and getting to know about her family and job is a real gift. It really gives you great insight into the challenges they face and the impact this wonderful new home will have on their family life.

But there was also another great take away. The opportunity to work with and appreciate so many great Royal United Mortgage LLC employees who have given themselves year in and year out to this worthy cause. Just to see them in a non-work environment and reinforcing what a great Royal United Mortgage LLC team can do was really cool.

Royal United Mortgage LLC has participated in Habitat for 5 of its 8 years. More than 250 Royal United Mortgage LLC employees have come together as a team to provide these new homeowners a new and promising way of life. Habitat is really a gift to us all.

Written by: Tim Meehan, VP of Compliance

Published: 9/28/2015

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