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June 08, 2015 by Richard Salazar NMLS# 261186

Texas mortgageWhen homeowners think about saving any significant amount of money often times they turn to their home. Because they have paid into their mortgage over the years, the opportunity to lower one of the biggest monthly expenses exists all around them in the form of equity.

Far too often mortgage professionals work with homeowners who are looking to refinance in order to accomplish new goals that arose shortly after their initial loan was funded. This can easily be avoided by putting more thought into what is important upfront. All goals or potential goals that the borrower and his or her family want to accomplish should be thoroughly considered before applying for a loan.  This ensures that all of those objectives can be met. Below is a short list of items that should be considered when planning to refinance;

  1. Am I looking to save money on a monthly basis or over the life of the loan?
  2. How will this refinance benefit me?
  3. Who else could benefit from refinancing?
  4. What will be important to me in 5-10 years financially?
  5. Are there any major life events that I could plan for today?

Refinancing can have tremendous financial benefits!
Any new loan needs to be structured around not only your immediate goals but also planned around long term goals and other possible life events. While the idea of planning ahead for both short term and long term financial goals might sound repetitive or even vague, the fact is that it will save you money. Every situation is unique so be sure to ask a licensed professional to help get you into the best loan program for your needs.

By taking the time to plan ahead you will be able to ensure you are going to be happy with outcome of the new loan and most importantly that it works for you today, tomorrow, and in your long term future.

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